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CheevoHunter is Offline

What Happened?

CheevoHunter was built to connect to RetroAchievements' API Service in order to retrieve user data and game progress. Unfortunately, the developers at RetroAchievements have identified issues with their service that has required them to bring their APIs offline to avoid performance issues. This means that CheevoHunter cannot function, as it relies on these API services. This also means that any applications which utilize these API services, such as LaunchBox, will not be able to retrieve data from RetroAchievements either.

What does it mean for CheevoHunter?

Because the RetroAchievements API has been offline for an extended period of time, and with no estimated date when the service will be back online, I have had to make the decision to shut down CheevoHunter. The developers at RetroAchievements have made it known that when the API does eventually come back online, applications will need to be updated to utilize the new API services. CheevoHunter will not be getting these updates.

What now?

CheevoHunter will remain offline until the domain expires, at that time I will not be renewing it. All plans for v2 have been put on an indefinite pause, and I have no ETA as to when I plan to start up work on v2 again.

Perhaps when the API services are online and the dust has settled after an extended period of time, I may pick up work again on version 2, which will be under a new name with a whole new user experience.

Until then, thanks for all the love that CheevoHunter has gotten. It's sad that it had to come offline so abruptly, but we will see what the future holds.