Q. What is CheevoHunter?

A. CheevoHunter is a web application designed to work in tandem with RetroAchievements. It was originally designed as as a personal application to allow me to track my achievements, which games I wanted to play next, which games I had in my collection, and which ones I was missing. After developing the first iteration called 'CheevoTracker', I decided to expand upon it and make it more accessible to anyone who wanted to use it, and so CheevoHunter was born.

Q. How do I use CheevoHunter?

A. Easy! To take advantage of all of the features CheevoHunter has to offer, simply log in with your RetroAchievements user name and API Key (Which can be found on This Page). You will be set up with your own personal settings based on your RetroAchievements account. Using CheevoHunter is very straight forward; click on a game system in the menu to view the games, and track your games and progress as displayed. There is no cryptic functionality in CheevoHunter, everything is very straight forward.

Q. Is it safe to use my RetroAchievements API Key on CheevoHunter?

A. Absolutely! The entire transmission is performed over HTTPS so the security of your data is ensured throughout the entire authentication process.

Q. Does CheevoHunter store information such as my RetroAchievements API Key?

A. Absolutely not. Once you have authenticated, CheevoHunter creates a cookie that tells the application that you are the user that you say you are, which is only accessible by CheevoHunter as it is encrypted and not shared with any third parties. We do not store your API key, email address, or any other sensitive information. Keep in mind that some information may be stored by Google such as the date, your browser type, how many clicks you've done on the page, etc, as CheevoHunter utilizes Google's reCAPTCHA service to prevent spam and bots.

Q. Does CheevoHunter profit off any users utilizing the application?

A. Short answer: No. Long answer: CheevoHunter was designed to be used freely while maintaining respect for users' privacy, so there are no ads, no third party tracking cookies and no sponsorship deals. Out of love and respect for the service provided by RetroAchievements, the least I could do was to provide an application of the same integrity.

Q. Why are some consoles such as Mega Drive and PCEngine showing as Genesis and TurboGrafx 16?

A. I'm from Canada, so I chose to default to North American names of consoles. You can change this in the Settings when logged in if you prefer to have PAL/European or Japanese console names.

Q. If CheevoHunter does not make any money, does that mean you pay for it out of pocket?

A. Everything costs money to run. However running this application is a personal choice of mine, and I chose to provide it to everyone else who is looking for a similar RetroAchievements tracking service.

Q. Can I donate to help support CheevoHunter?

A. Payment of any kind is not accepted. If you want to contribute to the RetroAchievements community, please consider providing a Patreon Contribution to directly, as without RetroAchievements, a service like this would not exist.